The Nicole Wilcox Foundation

 Thank you for supporting The Nicole Wilcox Foundation!

Important Note: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every item in this collection goes directly to The Nicole Wilcox Foundation (a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation) to aid in their mission to support individuals and families in their fight with Cancer or Other life-threatening diseases. 

Order by midnight Sunday June 10, 2018 then pick up beginning June 22, 2018 at the Premier Sports & Spirit Retail Showroom during regular hours (or have shipped to your address; select pickup or shipping at checkout).
[Any orders placed after the Ordering Deadline will be subject to upcharges and delays.]

Morganheimer Branded Promotions is proud to be the exclusive logo wear/branded apparel and promotional items provider for
The Nicole Wilcox Foundation!

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Price: $45.95 - $49.95

Item #: NWF18-1293901


Price: $43.95 - $47.95

Item #: NWF18-1276219


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Price: $47.95 - $55.95

Item #: NWF18-1306583


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Price: $47.95 - $49.95

Item #: NWF18-1306686


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Price: $51.95 - $53.95

Item #: NWF18-1276211


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Price: $25.95

Item #: NWF18-NE1020


Price: $26.95

Item #: NWF18-429466


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Price: $24.95

Item #: NWF18-580087


Price: $16.95

Item #: NWF18-C112


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Due to the made-to-order nature of custom decorated apparel (your logo wear is created only after you pay for your order), NO exchanges or refunds can be offered.

If you are truly undecided on sizing, please contact us for guidance.

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